Welcome. You've come to TK Music Studio, where composer/arranger/producer Tsan-Kuang "TK" Lee provides his musical services.

Every musician I know writes their own bio but uses 3rd-person pronouns when talking about themselves. It sort of makes it sound more objective. The truth is I am not famous enough for someone I don't know to voluntarily write a Wikipedia page about me, so I'll just be myself telling you what I can do for you.

My primary service is composing and arranging. I compose and/or arrange music for live or studio musicians to perform or record. The styles I cover include classical, jazz, and pop. The instrumentation ranges from solo instruments, various chamber groups (string quartets, concert bands, rock bands, jazz combos, etc.), to jazz big bands, wind bands, or orchestras. For this service, you will get some or all of the following: sheet music (score and parts), MIDI files, and rendered music tracks.

I also produce soundtracks for films, theaters, and games, and jingles for commercials and shows. I work with your requirements and budget, and you will get ready-to-use sound tracks.

In addition to serving performing and studio musicians, I have also helped a lot of non-musicians and amateur musicians make their own albums or tracks for special occasions such as birthdays or wedding ceremonies.

For songs, musicials, and operas, I can write the lyrics in Chinese and Taiwanese, and I have access to good English lyricists that I can bring onto the production team. Many songwriters come to me with lyrics and some melodic ideas, and I help them develop good songs.

I am primarily a composer, but occasionally I conduct my own works, accompany on the piano (classical and jazz), or play whatever instrument is needed in an ensemble. I have also been hired to record recitals and concerts, or to serve as a front of house engineer for small bands. I have access to excellent instrumentalists, vocalists, sound engineers, and sound samples to provide you the best results within your budget.